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[Aug 15 2007, 6:32 am] Crashed wrote:
I was reminded of this idea from Falacy's post, but when writting that little chat program I wanted a way to not let the user resize the window too small. Right now the min size you can size to is whatever the operating system lets, which is about 60x0 in Win98SE. And for completness, how about a max size too?

As it stands, all windows that can be resized can be made as large as the screen, which usually isn't bad, or reduced to simply 60x~27 pixels (depending on OS settings), which is just a sixty pixel portion of the title bar, and is always bad.

When editing a window in the interface editor, placing an element without an anchor disallows the window to become so small as to not encompass the element. This, however, is not the case outside of the editor.

The request is for a minimum and maximum size to which a window can be resized.
so, "max-size" and "min-size" for windows/panes, or for all controls?
It would be just windows, as you cannot resize anything else. Although, a min-split/max-split setting would be nice for splitters as well.
Though it isn't very intuitive, you could use the on-resize command of the window to set a min/max size after it was resized.
That is what I'm currently doing, sort of. Unfortunately, you can't do any math in .winset, so I've a verb that it calls that performs the check to make sure that it's at least yay big. I would like to not have to do this on the server side, though.