I'm currently using Virpus for my shell hosting, and I have had a OpenVZ VPS VM768 and OpenVZ VPS VM1024 for a couple of months now. So far, I am not pleased. I've had mixed experience with Virpus in the past, but every option I've looked into has been a lot more expensive for what looks like lower specs so I gave them a shot.

Currently, my VM1024 which costs $10 a month is down for the second time in the last 1-2 weeks, and the third or fourth time in the entire time I've had it. I've only seen my VM768 go down maybe once, if that, and it has lower specs and costs only$5 a month.

Every time my VM1024 has gone down I've had to open a support ticket soon after to find out that they're having some sort of difficulties with the node it's on or something, and then it's back up in roughly 24-48 hours of it going down.

A friend of mine had no issues with Virpus, and if I recall ATP use to use them as well. I'm just wondering if maybe I'm missing something, or there is a better host service out there I could use with a similar price plan that won't come out to more than double what I'm already paying. Heck, maybe it's just the VM1024 and someone can recommend a better one, who knows.

I thought it might be the game at first, since I host a newer, more stressing version of the game on the VM1024 than I do on the VM768 but if that were the case it seems like my support tickets wouldn't make it sound like its a problem on their end by talking about the node, or something.

Sorry for the long read, but I wanted to be informative. Hopefully someone can provide me with some useful information, because Virpus is certainly not reliable for it; they're just plain irritating me despite the few positives they do have like quick ticket responses.
Virpus have been known for awful servers... is great! but it seems you like the freedom of SSH, BYONDPanel is set more towards the less knowledgeable in *NIX. can also provide a lot of services just read the TOS's some don't allow high CPU usage or game servers..

And yes tons of better VPS's providers trust me ..
Well, they actually got it up a few hours later without me contacting them; so for once it might of been the game or well handled by them. Who knows, but that doesn't change much. I'll need more reliability when it comes to my own games.

Hm. I'm not sure that I actually do anything with SSH that I cannot do with BYONDPanel, if I recall correctly. I just got the impression that it was more of a shared hosting, than a personal space. That may have just been a shared server option, though.

I also tend to try to avoid the shell services specific to BYOND since my experience with ATP. Mind you, they weren't bad, but there were a couple downsides and had I stuck with them longer then I would of had to deal with them shutting down as well; if I recall correctly.

I also wondered if BYONDPanel just uses Virpus servers, since the prices are similar, and I think ATP did; but perhaps that's not the case. I may have to look into that further.
No we don't use virpus and the servers are not shared.

To my understanding, (ATHK owns the BYONDPanel service, so he'll obviously know better,) you just buy entitlement to a share of the resources on his server, so yeah, it's a VPS.

If not, then he has a battery of truly weird dedicated boxes lying around; Burstable RAM is something I've only ever seen associated with VPS services.
The way it works is basically that: You get so much 'guaranteed' memory to use. For short periods where you're using more, there is more physical RAM available on the machine for you to use - provided nobody else is using it. You can't use burst RAM over a sustained period of time - it's kind of there as an overflow.
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