alright, thanks I understand now. But if you have anything done can you update it? *What I mean is if you ever complete something, can you update it right then, because some games they update like a lot of things together. But since you're busy i don't want to wait so long. P.S. i hope high score comes out first, so you can work on your character on different servers with different people.
can some one tell me how do i make fire, a pic axe , and stuff like that??
can you make a forum to post suggestions ,
bugs , recent updates and guides.
Nice Game teaches u about before we had technolgy and teaches u how to create things
There is a forum.
Do you guys think I should make a forum outside of BYOND or just keep using the current set up?
Inside of byond is fine, it just needs more content.
I was just curious since not that many people posted which is understandable since people don't know what to expect in the update - but even asking questions or coming up with random ideas will help me.
Add in another mob, and more craftable items. The archiplegho remaster game has a buttload of crap. Add iron ore bronze/tin ore , steel, etc. Lions, make it along the line of the real game.
I don't think lions live on tropical islands - I can add leopards/jaguars and gorillas and such though. (Tarzan references)
Edit: Going to add tigers, snakes and gorillas/apes.

- Removed the midway/transitory ones like 'vined branch' and 'ashed fat' since the new combo system lets one skip that.
- Wrote out a nice ore system which let one mix and match various metals in any combination. :D.

Anyone interested in testing out the update pre release my msn is ''.
There was lions on the real stranded. 1st Island
Make, a bigger screen
I'm not remaking that Stranded, the only reason they have the same name is cause I wasn't even aware that one existed. Either way I like more realism and accuracy - which is why there is going to be tigers. :D
i love this game i ever dreem with live in one island
why no one make one server that i can in and play?
I removed the downloadable version since it is going to cause conflicts when the update comes.
I'm wondering if I can help out and play stranded? before It was pretty boring and now with the new combo system and things It might be more intresting
was I got attacked which is not a great user experience. Had no idea how to attack or move.
- DreamSeeker running at 50-80% CPU utilization while standing still in this game.
- Movement is extremely laggy.
- Boar has 4x or more HP as me and killed me over and over since I re-spawned right next to it over and over.
- The rain made it nearly impossible to see.

If the perf issues are resolved, I will return for more.

Boars are meant to be harder, but they have a very limited range before loosing interest so it's easy to out run it. They also don't have four times more health, they only have a 30% more.

Either way, I'll make it so hostile animals don't spawn near the multiple player spawns.

I'll also raise the transparency of rain more, as for the lag issues I'll look into that.

Edit: Yeah you're right the CPU hovers at 10-12% for me but I figured out why. An interesting thing is it's at 10-12% during world creation and slows down to 3-6%, loaded worlds hover at 2-4%.
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