Can somebody host, I want to play with other people
I'm hosting but the performance issues have not been addressed. Sitting idle the game runs at 50% CPU utilization.

After a couple of minutes, the performance settled down.

The game is making large amounts of calls to some shading functions which may be a world start-up things and technically ok. It was near 671,500 calls after a minute.

For people hosting, perhaps an FYI in world.log about the "Generating Shades..." and etc might help.
Fatigue, Thirst, and Hunger increase too fast and during character creation
This game is really addicting, but one thing that needs to be fixed is hunger. It goes up waaay to fast and even meat barely takes the bar back down.

I also got my ass kicked by a butterfly. No joke, it was attacking me and hit me for 5 dmg each time.
Why is everyone's character still in the game even though you are all off, and they keep dying from scurvy
If you're playing on BoxCar's Server he's using an old version.
Jittai wrote:
If you're playing on BoxCar's Server he's using an old version.

Are you sure that wasn't my server? I updated the build and restarted.
I fell down a hole and don't know how to get back up!
Right click the Hole.
its kinda annoying that you have to keep rebuilding stuff and it doesnt get saved with the server unless it is already fixed
Eh,It's kinda annoying how fast your hunger goes up,It's almost impossible to survive without a main cook,the rate of which food can be burned does not suit me well with how fast my hunger meter goes up.
BYOND/or my hub is having issues updating properly. If your interface does not appear the same as Here then you are using a older version. The map should be saving and meter rates have been addressed.
Consider adding the version to the hub or some other way to notify server owners of updates. I'll update the build tonight but I can't take the old build offline until then.

I've played this game so many times and cannot even grasp the basics. I can make nothing almost. Can't figure out how to make a pickaxe, or light a fire[know I need two flints] and can barely survive. A little hint or something would help.
I want to change how the fire recipe is handled but there's a limitation on paths in my combo system. You need to create a spark while standing over a piece of wood or log.

Most basic tools refer to the Shipwrecked/Archipelago recipe system of vines+branches+stones.
Is the night/day system cycle working because I've yet to even see the day, its always dark.
if, like archipelago, it took around 30 minutes to get hungry/thirsty enough to die this game would be a lot more playable. the only thing you can do at the moment is pray to god you'll eventually get high enough fishing/cooking to feed yourself enough to not die every second.

help i keep dying i get hungry TOO fast
Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue is one of the main problems that needs to be fixed ASAP to be more playable, I can play it as is but fixing the problem would make the game 10x more fun
is there a downloadable version of this game that has working day/night? the newest BYOND download has only night which gets quite annoying after a while.
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