another bug i've discovered is that whenever you finish gathering the materials required to build anything wooden the structure never appears. wooden floors/lean-to's simply can't be made.
Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the comments. I'll get right on these issues. I de-buffed hunger rates before but I guess they need longer intervals.

As for the day/night and wooden I wasn't aware it's broken.
it really is an impressive game so far. i've always wanted there to be an archipelago-type game that is actually frequently updated. my suggestion for the timing is around 20-30 minutes to die of thirst and 30-45 to die of hunger. getting to a point where the fatigue only goes up when you're actively moving would be nice as well.

the last bug i noticed is that sometimes having a torch in your inventory causes all surrounding trees to dissapear as you pass them by.

EDIT: one more: when you spark flint next to trees it causes them to dissapear, which is fine because i'm assuming that's them burning down. however, you still aren't able to walk over the areas where the trees used to be so it's like they never dissapeared at all. this leads to a bunch of invisible walls on most islands preventing you from moving freely.
New Stat Rates:

- 1 hunger every 35 seconds
-- +0.5 if sleeping with no shelter -0.5 if there's a shelter.

- Thirst is the same for hunger but every 30 seconds.

- Fatigue now goes up 1/10th a point every 1 second, but +0.5 if leached or swimming.

As for the vanishing trees, it's a miss assigned icon interacting with the light system.

All the changes stated bellow have been pushed into effect. Any bug fixes bellow, fixed.

Note: There's nothing wrong with building. It's probably hard to figure out. Building and Smithing are still not updated into a good version. To build you have to right click a hammer which creates a building site.

Clicking the building site shows you what you need dragging materials onto it adds them on. Sorry for the difficulty. :S

Also, if you did not get a alert to the update please un-install stranded and re-download it. The issue with not alerting correctly was resolved but this doesn't effect people holding versions from before this change.

- Happy Surviving
Thanks for hearing out the community, I'm about to test the new rates right now. I would suggest a visual menu for building because dragging each material one at a time and getting multiple messages of how much of it is missing can be a nuisance.
Yeah, gotten a bit more busy, vacation etc. I'm planning to redo smithing/building to a better looking and working system.

thank you very much, jittai. it's good to see you can still make the time to update considering you have other things to do.
also i think the wooden buildings not being able to be built may have been a fault with the server i was on.
I made a little mock-up for the visual building menu;

Note: The button on the left is to construct the building and the one with the X on the right is to cancel the building project.
i'm able to build wooden walls, but floors/lean-tos still don't show up at all when i drag all the materials into them.
i'm not sure if there's certain places you can build floors/lean-tos but i've tried to build at least 15 of them and they never show up.
i need a guide for recipes where can i get one?
Update is great. Only thing that confused me was the combining a bit. Other than that, the game is perfect :3
Sadly only minor updates until I can sit down and finish more major things.

- Lean-to's were in fact bugged but floors worked fine for me. I'll have to test around.

@Spectral Cross: That looks nice, but I already have an idea how it will look.
I was thinking the menu will have the structures silhouetted but with the names.
Also, I dont know if you know this or not, but coconuts can't be opened. I tryed dragging the knife on it. I tryed dragging the coconut on the knife. I also tryed dragging the coconut on a rock face on the screen. It isn't a big deal, but I thought I should say something incase you dont know about it.
I added a setup to map generation for those who can't run a 500x500. (Also added a 1000x1000 option.)

@Cracanslayer: I added a durability variable that's decreased either when a weapon hits the item (if thrown) or hits another dense thing. (Tree or Rock). Try throwing the coconut a few times.
Who ever keeps hosting, it always says Failed when trying to join
Hey if i host this game will anyone play? me and my friends are gonna play. wanted to know if anyone wnted a public server.
I'd like to give this game a whirl, even though it's only in the alpha stage. It sounds like it would be cool. I too played Halcyon222's Archipelago and the Remastered version by GauHelldragon. Haven't tried "The New Beginning" yet. Also played the game 'Survival' love these games, and hope to meet more players with the same interests as well.
@ Jittai Just tried to join your a message that your hosting a live game...when I tried, it said connection...failed
just made a server
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