Woot, maybe ill start playing again.
Pink is a nice colour, I have a hot pink shirt myself.
What's wrong with them wearing pink? It makes them stylish!
Yes, sir. The most stylish Billificus the Fencer around.
Then again, there aren't too many of those, are there?
Er, what's that?
It's the new character creation form for Champions of Vargacet.

Kind of surprised it went a full 24 hours without getting asked that.
I'm guessing that the pictures and class names made it somewhat obvious to the people who frequent your blog.
Yeah, but I figured the randomness of the title (when taken out-of-context) would attract someone in from the main page to go "WTF?"
Dude, pink is so broken.
"Think Pink!"

*hums the Pink Panther theme*