Im not sure how many of you out there are using a linux OS, but I am trying to get byond to run on mine.

Tried installing the linux version, it did not have dreamseeker included, was for running a server.

Tried downloading windows version and running in Wine.

This is where my problems really began, after downloading and installing via wine i can launch the pager, connect to games and chat. My map screen, the one with the mob that runs around that i get to control? White screen. I've tried installing different components vua winetricks but have not found anything to be helpful. I also looked for drivers for my video card, which in linux has just been listed as 'unknown' and may be the problem. I DL'ed a package that was supposed to help with the GMA intal graphics, but it did nothing and did not change the unknown status of my GPU driver. At a loss here, if anyone has had this problem or knows of one similar please let me know what i might be able to do.
Hi kentos123

If you suspect that your video card may be to blame, then disabling hardware rendering might help you with your problem.

To disable hardware rendering mode. Open the BYOND pager > File > Preferences > Games > Uncheck "Use graphics hardware for displaying maps".

You may want to note that the support between BYOND and wine has not been kept up that great for the last little while, so there may be a general issue their, and you may want to consider an alternative (Perhaps someone more tuned in Linux might be able to offer one).

Good luck!
Hi kentos123,

Out of curiosity, what distro and version are you using? I noticed you tagged the post as 'Ubuntu,' but could you be more specific?
My apologies for the long wait here, I stopped attempting to play on linux, I had tried about 3 versions, had tried disabling rendering for maps etc. I dont believe Ubuntu had the proper compatibility with my gpu. I may try again soon though, using ubuntu 12.04 32bit. Im just not sure if the wine program is properly loading the game or if it was indeed a gpu support issue.