Hey, I bought myself a new membership! Now I have 3 keys with memberships. I'm planning on buying a bunch of memberships over the next few weeks.
Wow, strange thing is ~10 minutes ago I was browsing N1ghtW1ng's blog and questioning, "Why didn't he buy his new key a membership?".

Also, you should've bought the key NightWang a membership. >_>

Good times, good times...
=P. Maybe i'll end up buying all of my keys memberships >.>

But yeah, it was time that my active key had a membership =P. I'm still going to buy memberships though with N1ghtW1ng so I can stack the ranks using it due to the BYOND Benefactor pull with the ranks.
Hey Kalzar, nice to see you are a member with everybody. Cool cool, okay, well, thats nice. Payce.

~ KD
Happy birthday. I want a membership, but I can't find a good reason for you to get me one. xD
Buy me one since its my birthday on the 24th XD
Hey me first since my birhtday was 2 days ago
No, :o Me first my birthday was yesterday!!
ima omen so yes