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Why when you click this tab does it show only some games and not all, excluding some games with more players?
Because it shows only listed games and excludes fangames unless you are explicitly searching under the fangame or anime tag.
why does it exclude fangames?
Because most fan games can not be listed anymore..
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why cant they be listed anymore?
Really? Not sure if you are being serious or not .. but oh well here goes .

BYOND received a cease and deist order from Funamation, And I believe from there BYOND just removed all Anime games from public viewing.

You can still see some of the anime games that have been approved - here

Most of the games are rips anyway BYOND frowns upon them as someone has just taken somebody else's hard work change the name and released it.

If I was you I wouldn't be bothering about this anime stuff ... we have some great up coming games such as Spirit Age!
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Ah i was being serious, I wasnt sure why byond was not showing anime games. It seems odd to remove a whole genre of games though.

As for not bothering with anime themes i disagree with you, on the internet there are millions of games people can play however if you specify a game to a recognizable theme; naruto, dbz, etc, it is much easier to bring in players because they have a common interest in the theme itself.

I just sorta find it surprising how some of the biggest games on byond are hidden from view.
You can use the search feature to create a list of all approved games.

you can run a search for author:ad1 (don't ask).

You can also alternatively run a search with -author: followed by anyone who has not created an approved game, and that will also spit out a list of all approved games.