Hey everyone, it seems like it's been a while since i've really said anything on here :)

I'll admit besides the occasional lurking i have been very inactive, various reasons lead me to chose other activities to do besides be on Byond.
I guess Byond's changed in so many ways people probably haven't noticed my absence lol.

But anyway it's my birthday today and thought i'de see how everyone's doing, since despite not being here any more, There are a Lot of people i like on Byond :)

Looks like my games have died for now, i never really had the conviction to fully make a game, each time i gained a bit of knowledge i tried to push a game a bit further just to hit another snag and somehow end up feeling helpless and loosing motivation once more.

Well that's it :D i've been playing a few zombie game recently, seems i enjoy killing things? terrible :( lol :)
Happy birthday. What's the zombie game you're playing? I play various zombie games myself.
lol happy b-day Teka. All the old timers from BYOND left a while ago. i am one of the people that still remembers what BYOND was like before all the copyright issues. i don't know if you remember me, but still, I understand why you have been M.I.A. BYOND isn't what it used to be. or maybe we grew out of it.
Thanks Darker, I've been playing L4d2 and Dead island a fair bit with friends.
Though i just Recently got The walking Dead game:) which i think is absolutely amazing, the only zombie game of its kind, just a pain in the ass waiting for next episode to play :)

Wow, hey Dtwon of course i remember you :) its nice to speak to you again and thanks :) yeah... Byond.. is sure different :)
Happy birthday!

I could never really get into zombie games myself, but they do seem very stress relieving. No big need for story, just you, some guns, and a whole heap of dudes to mop up!
Thanks stephen :) lol yeah that's true, though you "may" like the Walking dead game, its nothing like any other zombie game, it's a story which you live and its based on the actions you make and choices you chose and who you save and how you speak to the other survives, its not mindless killing it's tactical plot which you follow.

L4d is great with friends in a mindless kill everything to achieve your goal and have fun with.

While Dead island is an rpg zombie game where you have to worry about all your gear breaking, be very careful with your health and panic when u have to run for your life since guns and ammo are like real life and very rare.
Im more into games like Skyrim and Aion, or stuff like League Of Legends.
Afraid i never tried Aion, but it looks good, and yeah i love Skyrim and the elder scrolls games too, Did you hear they are making an elder scrolls online game? set 1000 years before skyrim? i'm guessing? maybe? more dragons i hope lol.

Anyhow there's a few things which they have already messed up: such as stating that it'll be set classes like any mmo.. instead of crafting your own specific skills you want to use like the offline games have done so well.. so it's possible going to be bad? lol but i'll still hold hope till i see it properly.
Yeah, I hold a certain apprehension for the concept of MMO Elder Scrolls.

I will have to give Dead Island a look, thanks for recommending!
Happy Birthday Teka123! :D
I know!!!! May 8th, Happy-Birthday Tim!!!!!
Yeah me too about elder scrolls mmo, i can only hope it'll be good, but im nearly certain its going to have a lot of flaws, but ill try to be positive.

Well since you seem to like Rpg's? such as elder scrolls, you should like Dead island.

You do quest, and you do have to repair your weapons, you collect money and loot bodies and containers.
You have to eat/drink/med pack to regain health, and you do upgrade your skills, you can upgrade your weapons and find mod plans to upgrade them. You can drive cars and even drink alcohol and .. a lot of other things? lol.

Its single player since its an rpg, but it's a co op game so up to 3 other people could join you in your game world to help you, which is what skyrim should have done..
took me a while to write that, i missed some comments :O :D

Thank you Bandock(DONT CALL ME TEKA123):) those numbers are invisible!

Hehe i thought you might remember Tosh, Thanks :D
lol. they have a PC mod for Skyrim already that makes it Online i heard. and 1000 years? That's Before the Dragon War XD
Yeah i know about the pc mod, I got skyrim threw steam, but i presumed that it'd be very limited, i was waiting for it when i first finished skyrim but then i kind of never went back to skyrim :(

and i see before the dragon war :O, aww well there might still be dragons!... not at war!
Elder Scrolls MMO inbound!

Except it'll be nothing like Elder Scrolls and it's not being developed by Bethesda so don't bother. watch?v=ti0aSSioAzc&list=SL&feature=sh_e_top
*puts his dragonborn helmet away* Welp, that sucks.
Happy birthday, Teka. :) I've noticed your absence, but I figured you were like most of the people I've enjoyed, and moved on elsewhere.
Thanks lion, it's been nice to know you, i am around :), just.. more like a stalker though, watching.. waiting.. lol
Happy birthday, I sent you an email last night, don't know if you checked.
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