by Yut Put
Explore epic dungeons and slay epic foes with your friends in a huge, epic fantasy action RPG world.
Going to keep this post up to date with all the video demonstrations so you watch the progression from 0.3 to current version in one place.

it's kind of interesting to see these in order, but each version has such huge differences it's impossible to show all the changes in each video.

from a game developer's point of view, you could probably identify the focus of each update and how that affected how i managed to widen the scope of my target audience. each update had a specific major goal. keep in mind that it wasn't until around 0.5 that the game got ANY form of attention from players. And there were a lot of haters from 0.1-0.3

the core game never changed. if you look at all of the versions below, they all generally look and play the same. but after some intense tweaking here and there(and in some cases, violent cranking) the game's moved into a more "mainstream" feel.

Epic doesn't feel like a fun little indie as much as it did before, but rather more like a full-length action packed adventure. At least that's how I feel.

Anyway, I could rant on about the game all day because I'm just in love with the little universe i've crafted for you guys to play in, so i'll just stop typing and pop in those videos :)

either way, have fun.






"it's a very unique game, very fun to play, there are hours and hours of game-play you can get out of it"
That was something I said in this video describing 0.3, which is literally 1/3 the size of 0.8. Wow.
Maybe one day I'll make a game this Epic....but most likely not. :o
Get the game on Steam already.
That's actually a good idea.. i've also been thinking of porting it into java/anyenginethatisnthatedbytheinternet

would steam support a byond game?
Having to install the BYOND software/register could be a hurdle to getting your game on Steam.

BYOND are working on a standalone game launcher, though, which would eliminate that problem. Details are at the bottom of this post: http://silkgames.com/blog/2012/04/ companion-update-v1-63-release-date-announcement
it's possible to just set up an exe and run it as a guest, and then provide name options in-game and a folder with dream daemon and basic instructions for players to be able to figure out how to host on their own

you wouldn't need to install the software. i'm pretty sure it wouldn't be difficult to set up a "join host" command that lets you type in an IP/byond address and join that.

i have the basics set up for multiplayer without a byond key to be -sort of- easy. but i don't want to put this on steam until i have version 1.0 and a solid trailer