by Keeth
A text handling library to replace/supplement Deadron.TextHandling.
Applies to:kText
Status: Open

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Perhaps, there could be a -third- parameter for the text2list, and list2text functions, along with their CASE counterparts. This parameter would trigger the inclusion of list associations. So, the list
poop = list("poop" = "dssd", "adsads" = "popop")
when using
world << list2text(poop, ", " , 1)
would become
"poop = dssd, adsads = popop"
inb4 deferred
Seems like it'd be going into the area of "less obvious use-cases." The standard usage of list2text and text2list is quite obvious; if I've got a list of strings, I can display them in an orderly fashion. If I've got a formatted string, I can break it up into separate entries.

This would be a very obscure usage, I think.

I feel like you'd probably be better off using params.