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Three new changes to comment pages. For the vast majority of Members, you won't need to change a thing in your customized CSS, but you might like to know.
  • The "View Post" link has been moved just above to the post title. The CSS id "comment_post_link" is now directly attached to the link instead of a div.
  • In its place is a new "Author's Site" link going directly back to your site. This is in a div with id "comment_site_link".
  • Comment delete button now has a div for CSS customization.

If this breaks your site in a way that you can't fix, please comment. Thanks!
In its place is a new "Author's Site" link going directly back to your site.

Dang, I meant to suggest this, but you beat me to it. Thanks!

This didn't happen until after the update.

Cool, I moved my delete button out of the corner. Thanks. =)
I'm still waiting for the "Edit" button for comments. Is that going to be included anytime in the future?
I don't know if this was a CSS error, but it shows 2 hub entries for my Paintball Arena game. I didn't submit it twice, though.
Also, maybe you should make posting comments a bit different to prevent spamming.

People can press save without typing anythig in.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. A few responses:

* I believe I've been able to work around the browser glitch seen by Jiskuha and Crispy.

* Comment editing is pretty high on the list of features to add. Hopefully soon.

* Your page looks fine on my browser, TerranWolf (only one Paintball Arena). Momentary glitch or does it still happen?

* Spam/admin controls for blog comments are probably something we'll have to add soon, unfortunately. It'd be nice if everyone behaved and it was never necessary, but that won't always happen.
Can u use HTML instead to add like picture backrounds like ur Liquid Byond sign?
Can you add a suggestions post so if we think of something good for this site we can let you know.
watsup jamesjr
Its been almost 5 years since you posted this.