I've been watching a lot of the history channel lately, and recently I saw a program talking about the end of the world v_v from what I got out of it, the world will end in 2012, after Pope Benedict dies and Peter the Roman becomes pope, the magnetic poles switch, earth starts spinning backwards, Jesus comes back and lights us all on fire, and after a giant meteor strikes the Earth. Awesome. How do you think the world will end? :O
When the sun eats the Earth, duh.
There are plenty of ways the world could end :P.
Torn to bits by a phantom force is my favorite...
Thanks for the link, Theo. =) I've always forgotten the url for that site.
My theory is...

The world will end when all the zeta rips get published.
Yeah, I am pretty sure the mians predicted the earth ending around 2012. And they were never wrong on there predictions. Also before the world ends there is supposed to be a bunch of natural disasters(Hurricane Katrina, Tsunami in asia). And then I think jesus comes down and chooses 1000 people or something to go to heaven, everyone else goes to hell.
Yeah Knifo, every single prediction they made was right. Shut up. beach.

Honestly I don't think the world will be ending for quite sometime, and it will be because of our own abuse and it will just become unliveable and we will move on by the time that happens and ruin a new planet.

The world has had millions of years to end, its not going to happen any time soon.
"I've always forgotten the url for that site."

Same here, Mage_man showed me that site a few years ago, its damn awesome.
Yeah shades, why dont you look up on the Maya some time. Here is one article. Another one. The List would go on and on. Go type in Mayan Predictions on google. They were VERY acurate on there preditions so dont tell me to shut up if you dont know what your talking about.
I know what Im talking about so I am telling you to shut up. beach.

Two online articles don't mean crap.

Nostradamuas managed to make a few perdictions that came true, and there were even some scoloars at the time that managed to perdict stuff. that don't mean shit.

Id also like to point out, alot of what they are talking about could still be nothing more then theory. they dont know what a dead civilation could have ment, they are shooting in the dark.

Just because their calendar ends at a weird year dosen't mean crap. My calendar ends at the end of every year, so I should assume every year the world is going to end?

shut up beach. its nothing but theories bung hole.
Too bad they couldn't predict their own eventual downfall huh?

I predict I'll kick your ass.

I am so sick of this end of the world crap.
What else is interesting about the Mayans, is that they based their predictions on celestial observations, something that is still practiced today by some, and still makes accurate predictions. Or so I've heard. I could be completely wrong. I think that's a little better than the people who pull their ideas out of their ass, that's so undescriptive that you could match it up with any major future event and call it a prediction.
What else is interesting about the Mayans, is that they based their predictions on celestial observations, something that is still practiced today by some,

Yeah some people make predictions based of celestial observations today however it should be easy to see they are BS :P.

They were VERY acurate on there preditions

Yeah for their calendar :P. Doesn't mean the world ends when their calendar does. The two digit calendar system on old computers ended on 2000 and the world is still around. Neither of the sites provided any information of what exactly would do us aside from listing several possibilities for the end of the world that I could have just gotten at Exit Mundi nor did they list why it would happen at that exact date.

The end of the world has been predicted many times by many people many of which have already passed and guess what? We're still here!
Hah, nice link x) I don't believe in horoscopes or that tarot card nonsense either. That reminds me of this witch my dad was doing (carpentry) work for over in Salem... I think she tried to scare him with a spell or something, because she ended up not paying him, and he left a huge mess at her house, and she got all witchy (pun intended). Yeah, she got put in her place after she tried sueing him, and got caught lying on several different occasions in court, but now I'm straying from the end of the world topic. leik i kant wayt 4 teh ind of eth werld!1!!1!
.. Jesus coming back and lighting everybody on fire? lol
Why does Shades keep calling Knifo a "beach"? =/
You know what beaches remind me of? MAGMINS!
Why is it that whenever a 'prophet' gets things nearly, almost, maybe correct, there's massive acclaim, but astronomers get ignored every time they predict eclipses to the second?

On topic - The world will probably end when the sun swallows it as it goes off the main sequence and into the red giant phase.
In 5 billion years v_v
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