The new ad on Messenger is "Download Internet Explorer 8 and we'll donate 8 meals to Feeding America!"

That's pretty desperate, I wonder if they ever thought about making their browser not suck instead?
Only 8 meals?
Time for a comment hijacking. Can you release a playable version of Dungeon Divers, or anything along such lines? I never got a chance to play the game, and the source has all those supposedly-edited-library-related errors.
I wouldn't call it desperate, I actually think it's a good thing. While IE8 is definitely not where some of us may want it, it's definitely gotten better (and in all honesty, has trumped the other browsers on some fronts). Really, check out some of the reviews on it. While I won't be switching from Firefox to IE8, I will say that besides standards compliance, IE is (FINALLY) starting to shape up.
Desperate? Hmm, thats a rather cold attitude, I thought it showed signs that Microsoft was taking a more philanthropic approach. I mean Bill Gates has shown a strong aptitude for philanthropy and for his company to follow suit seems reasonable. IE8 doesnt suck, and Microsoft has no problem having IE of some sort on all Windows PCs anyway, they are encouraging people to upgrade to a more stable and resilient version of the browser and also donating to the poor at the same time.

I dont like Microsofts products, but it takes a pretty jaded person to not give them credit for such a strong philanthropic effort, remember IE still by far has the largest share of the browser market, microsoft is not desperate.
Why the hell should they get ANY market share for a browser that "doesn't suck as much as IE7". IE8 is currently THE worst browser on the market, all they are doing is playing catch-up with the other browsers so they can gain back some of their lost market share. God forbid they don't hold 100% of a market.

I want you to go and try all of the other browsers for a while and seriously consider IE8 afterwards. Frankly I'd even take Opera over IE8.

It's great that they're standards compliant, but it's too little too late. Being able to render a website correctly should only be the beginning, not the "amazing new features you haven't already seen in other browsers for years!" They relied on their browser being bundled with windows for marketing before and now they need to pay the price for their laziness.

Oh, poor poor multi-billion dollar, monopolistic microsoft, spending a fraction of a fraction on feeding the poor for a month than what they are going to spend on so they (unsuccessfully in this case) strangle another market. Have you not heard their other marketing tactic? "Download IE8 and delete firefox for a chance to win prizes!"

This is coming from a guy who thinks microsoft has done so many great things and deserves more respect than what they get from linux and mac nerds. But they've kicked the bucket with some of this crap.

I want microsoft to use their incredible resources to make amazing products and STOP spending it all on marketing! I don't know when microsoft decided marketing was better than development, but it sure goes against Ballmer's supposed philosophy.
I honestly don't have issues with IE8 in any circumstances. While Firefox has more features and tends to be faster with certain websites, to be honest, I always use the standard installation of a browser and because of this I don't see much of a difference.

I'd consider Google Chrome over IE8, if not just for the compact GUI.

P.S. Using the Windows 7 RC with IE8
I like the way 90% of the comments are;

Don't hate, it's not that bad!... I don't use it, but still!
Kunark wrote:
They relied on their browser being bundled with windows for marketing before and now they need to pay the price for their laziness.

I thought it was bundled with Windows in order to download Firefox/Opera/Chrome. Well suck me sideways.