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Yes, I noticed movie maker cut off some of the name...

Well back to work, damn this week's been tedious!
Should be a combat test hosted say... july 11th starting at 5pm EST.
Is it too much to ask for *no* music in videos like this?
They do provide a volume option, although I simply threw that song in there just to urk the pessimist of BYOND.
Oh, so you did it just to be a dick.

Mission accomplished.
Of course I did, why else would anyone add music to a video.
Well I Like it, This game is going to be one of the best Dragonballz Games to come to BYOND and just keeps getting better every time you show us something. Though actually seeing some fighting made it look a bit better.
Haha, I'm gonna enjoy punching people and dieing. X_X
That song made me want to stab myself.

Looks cool, but a bit repetitive. I'm guessing the reason for that is you haven't added any fancy techniques yet. I can see the PvP in this game being really, really, really awesome.
Those are just for the basic skill set. I still have yet to draw the icons for and implement the other styles. It'll be a little more animated at that point.

My goal is to have moving combat, as stationary combat was a very unlikely event in the dragonball animes. I'd like to express more lunges, explosions, and general show in a future video.

Edit: As for the song, it was for general amusement... It obviously had nothing to do with the video, but I felt the demo wasn't worthy of a better song yet.
I don't get why the song bothered people. It's an amusing song. Was it that your sense of humor was brutally murdered in a traumatic incident years ago?
Zaole wrote:
I don't get why the song bothered people. It's an amusing song. Was it that your sense of humor was brutally murdered in a traumatic incident years ago?

Well it didn't bother me that much, otherwise I would have turned off the volume the second time I watched the video.
Fighters of Legen

D fail.
why did your character disappear for a few seconds towards the end?
Propaganda wrote:
why did your character disappear for a few seconds towards the end?

Oh that was a skill called "rush", I know the video was shrunken so much you didn't see the little flicker graphic, but it works somewhat like a temporary stealth.

In the future there'll be a graphic that you and anyone who can detect you will see in place of nothing.
i thought that's what happened, but wow that's fairly impressive. i mean from what i've seen the game seems very well done graphically and technically, and incredibly polished. i didn't realize how well designed and thought out it is. that's a really good interpretation and implementation of that particular aspect of the show. again, i am incredibly impressed.

it's really rare to see a game like this that's well programmed, well drawn out, and well designed. we have a lot of capable (and certainly, not capable) programmers in our ranks these days, but few are very good at designing a video game. that's why most of them stay dealing with the back end of byond mostly.

of course, this could be all null and void if your game plays like shit. i reserve the right to rescind, but for now, like all your other heaving fans, good job.
Thanks, hopefully people enjoy this as much as I do. In theory I'm designing this game for myself, and I have alot of requirements for an entertaining videogame.

I may have fans and followers, but I consider myself my biggest fan (I know it sounds egotistical). Nobody could anticipate the release of this game as much as me, because I've been dying to play it ever since I had the idea in my head. Hopefully what I deem worthy will appear worthy in the eyes of others, if not at least in the end I'll have a game that I personally enjoy... lol.

I wouldn't ever want this game to be hyped however, because that always leads to disappointment on whatever scale. In the end I am shooting for a little above average. I want the game to look and feel like you're playing Dragon Ball Z, yet I also need to find the most efficient way of doing so, which in turn leads to some cut backs.
it's a good approach to take - too few rpgs on byond have a solid single player experience. that's not to imply that there's a solid multiplayer experience either, it's just in order to play, there has to be other players involved. otherwise, there is no goal and everything boils down to grinding. it's good to focus on a single player, while keeping in mind multiplayer possibilities.

i also appreciate your more realistic approach to dbz, or anime in general. most games try (and fail) to recreate the source material completely. it's not possible because it and the game exist on two different media. with that said, i'm interested to see how you're going to approach ki attacks. i've always felt that they were relied on too heavily. in games, all strategy would break down into running and gunning, often randomly.
I'm not hiding anything when it comes to the combat system. To simplify there are 3 major aspects of combat: Melee, KI, and Speed.

When it boils down to skills I used a simplistic "rock-paper-scissors" approach, except in this case it's "Melee-KI-Speed".

Styles that are heavy melee revolve around techniques to not only deal close-range damage, but also to keep the opponent close as often as possible. KI-based styles focus on the opposite, which are ranged techniques and keeping the opponent(s) distanced as often as possible. Then speed techniques on the other hand are a mix of sneak attacks, that rely heavily on illusionary techniques as well as the ability to get in and out of the line of fire as desired. Other techniques exist to stun, freeze, cause injuries and other debuffs (which I'll get into in a future post), and in some cases remove an opponent from combat entirely.

I'd also like to have a 2-3 person party system in the future as well, but that's not important in the least at the moment.*

The combat system is also based on a targeting system (which is elusive to an extent), and in that essence you cannot attack people directly behind you. You'll auto-turn to people on your sides however, but there's really no way to run away and attack at the same time.

I'd like to believe I've thought everything out rather thoroughly. From how the abilities revolve around eachother down to the mathematics. But I'm no fool and I'm very certain that once this is introduced to a field of aggressive players, I'll realize how many flaws I'll need to patch up... lol
The Naked Ninja wrote:

I'd also like to have a 2-3 person party system in the future as well, but that's not important in the least at the moment.*

I can't find the footnote for this. :(
ah, i understand that. it's something similar to how onslaught has it set it up, where ki > melee > defense, etc. but i should clarify that i wasn't exactly talking about how you would deal with ki attacks, but rather, i meant how exactly ki attacks would actually work for the player.

from what you've explained, ki attacks fire towards the target. how does accuracy come into work? does it mean that the attack will always connect visually, but there will be a calculation for miss/dodge? or will the attack only travel in the direction of the target at the moment of initiating the attack? sorry, it's just some clarification i want. but not really to the point.

i was just curious to see how you are going to try to prevent the "run and gun" tactic. it's not necessarily running away, but running around or at least moving about. if ki attacks connect based on a calculation, which i presume they do, then i should shut up and wait to play the game. :)
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