I had to Google what Ramen was ... it looks really good .. time to convert from Mi Goreng noodles!
If we're really good to him and donate $10 extra a month, he can have one of those packets of stir-fry vegetables to go with his ramen, and pretend it's a stir-fry.

@ ATHK; basically the same thing, a noodle soup. If you're in the market, try Nong Shim Shin Ramyun sometime. If you had a cold when you started eating them, by the time you finish that cold will be very, very gone.

You may have a fever instead though.
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A.T.H.K wrote:
If that is true why are you still here? :)
That's a good question. Partly because I already know a lot of nice people here, mostly because I've already invested a lot of time learning how to use the engine.

Deathguard wrote:
if I'm making money from something developed using freely available software, there's a certain moral imperative to give something back
Only for people who've been around long enough to build any significant ties to the community. If I was a new developer I would not choose to use BYOND.

Tom wrote:
To really be successful, we need to go the way of the app-store model and bandwagon onto successful games. That's why we've been focusing on this standalone installer system which gives games a more professional non-BYOND feel in exchange for a more realistic app-store cut (25%) of subscriptions. If a few games can take off through standalone clients and flash portals, they can make a lot of money for themselves and for us, which will keep the project going.
To be honest that sounds a bit parasitic. BYOND does not come anywhere near being as useful as the app store. Game Maker for example does all the stuff I listed earlier for a single upfront fee. UDK only takes a cut of your profit if you actually become successful. BYOND should probably do something similar where the first X amount of dollars are all yours and after a certain profit threshold BYOND starts taking a cut. Developers need to at least be able to make back what they spent making the game in the first place.
I think, for what BYOND does, it is a heck of a lot more useful than the app store. However, we don't charge for the most useful functionality (basically allowing people without much coding experience to make potentially lucrative games), so it may "look" worse to say we're taking some high percentage just for the subscription piece.

I like a flat percentage because we only make money if the developer makes money. But we aren't forcing anyone to use it.
In response to Tom
Game Maker is probably easier to jump into as its IDE has a drag and drop interface someone with literally no experience could use to make a game. After their one time fee they could then distribute the game on many different platforms, including the app store.

The flat percentage while not forcing anyone to use it gives developers an incentive to avoid it entirely.
Well, it'll be a requirement to use our new standalone installer and the Flash, but the existing stuff can of course run fine without it.

Game Maker sells their software and we don't, which is the difference. It's a perfectly good model (probably better than ours), but this is how I've chosen to do things and I'll live with the consequences.
The new installer will be behind a pay wall?
So it's a premium tool in other words?

That's fair enough since you can still use it after your membership runs out .. I guess this removes the idea of having monthly memberships. sadly :(
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SuperAntx wrote:
The new installer will be behind a pay wall?

No, it's more of an agreement, that if you use the standalone or an outside flash portal and want to sell your game, you use our subscription system. But we can always take things on a case-by-case basis and if a flat fee makes more sense, that's fine too. Basically, we need to find a way to fund this project because, like I said, it is making no money, and it seems like taking a cut of financially successful games is the way to go, because we only make money if they do. Right now we don't really have any financially successful games but it seems like these two new features are a step in the right direction.
I don't see what the big deal is or how anyone could have a problem with this. BYOND needs to make money, and this is probably the best route for it to take.

I do wonder how this agreement is going to be enforced, though. Could you elaborate on that? What's stopping someone from using the Flash support without using the subscription system?
I'll keep supporting BYOND. It's quite amazing, especially if you've ever tried to program multiplayer logic.

I was really just interested in the idea that doing a PayPal library would be possible and doable in byond.
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FIREking wrote:
I'll keep supporting BYOND. It's quite amazing, especially if you've ever tried to program multiplayer logic.

I was really just interested in the idea that doing a PayPal library would be possible and doable in byond.

Definitely! and it is pretty easy...
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