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Try the worlds hardest game...

My Score-Level Four With One Death

Fourth Round Is Hard >_<...Still stuck on it...
Can't get past level 4. T_T

Holy crap I got it!

Move in through the middle and stay close to the middle.
I got it, but now I have 70 deaths...and I'm stuck on the 5th level >_<
It's really obnoxious when a game bills itself as "THE WORLD'S EXXEST GAME".

Especially when it turns out to be yet another stupid mouse maze game.
You don't use the mouse...
I got to level 10 with 60 deaths and gave up.
I had 248 deaths at level 10 and I'm like;
"Kay' can't do it."
Garthor wrote:
It's really obnoxious when a game bills itself as "THE WORLD'S EXXEST GAME".

Extremely annoying music, no volume control, if that doesn't make this the worlds hardest game to stand playing I don't know what does.
Yep, made it to level 6...89 deaths...
Level 18, several 100 deaths (On the order of 300), gave up because fuck, it's got some really annoying gotchas.

I'm going to call bullshit on the "World's most difficult game", too, because I've played harder. See, for example, I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game. Sure, IWBTG is almost all fake difficulty and remembering where the nasty traps are in each level. So is this. The most obvious bits of fake difficulty:
1 - Digital control, that is, I suspect, handled a little interestingly. A number of levels would be much easier if you could go slower than your usual speed.
2 - Screwy collision detection. In particular, while moving your hitbox appears to be a bit bigger than the actual onscreen icon, or at least offset from it, and the blue dots are certainly slightly larger than they should be.

Oh, and the music is annoying.
I used to play this game every day in 8th Grade, it's really easy.
Quit at lvl 8.
i gave up at level 6 :/
I haven't passed level 2 yet, 198 deaths.
Level 20, 54 Deaths.
Heh I'm so beastly. ;D
completed game.
Sun Knee wrote:
completed game.

Sir...are you a witch?
Got to level 30, several millions deaths (Not the actual number, but over exaggerating.)
Completed the Game nao 75 deaths.
Woot! lvl 13 and 347 deaths!
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