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Well, though it's a few months later, I figure I might as well share my results.

Needless to say, it's a bit... unstable on Mint 10. This is running WINE 1.2.1. I've got winetricks installed as well. Here's the deal:

1) BYOND is unstable at best, and the actual client occasionally crashes with an empty little window with no text and a red "X", with an OK button as the only option.
I believe this is due to icons being outputted to output controls.

2) In-game, none of the little popup windows that are used as interfaces actually show anything if more than one is open at a time. The areas where the open windows overlap goes black and STAYS black. I can still use the windows, but if I double click in them, I get the same crash deal with BYOND, only with dreamseeker.

3) The tiles show normally, but on occasion the entire world area gets squished down and printed line-by-line in the text area if anything new is added. That is, the text in there is superimposed over a view of the world that is constructed line by line with each new print.

4) It's laggy as all hell.
This is something to do with BYOND's map rendering, I believe there used to be an OpenGL option which increased compatibility significantly, but I believe it was removed. I think they use DirectX now.
Does *anyone* have *any* insights at all?
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