Yea i know the title is pretty noobish, but i keep hearing you guys running byond, and im liek wdf? ive tryed everything. and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING.and since everyone is like a ubuntu person how am i suppouse to get help on my kubuntu. But anyways can someone help me run byond on KDE .

Would be greatly appriciated

Info: Os version: Linux
KDE: 4.5.1

There is no difference between running byond in KDE vs Gnome (which is what standard Ubuntu uses).

You still have to use Wine.

I use KDE as my desktop (currently running KDE 4.5.5) and byond works pretty well. I'm also running KDE compositor, the thing that makes the windows wobbly and other fancy graphics like the 3D cube of virtual desktops, so that shouldn't hold you back.