Poll: What Linux distributions do you use (personal and server)?

Ubuntu 45% (11)
Mint 4% (1)
Debian 16% (4)
Fedora 4% (1)
RedHat 0% (0)
CentOS 4% (1)
Arch 8% (2)
Slackware 0% (0)
OpenSUSE 0% (0)
Gentoo 8% (2)
Sabayon 0% (0)
Other 8% (2)

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Just a quick gauge of what's what regarding the distributions you guys like to use. Feel free to share what you use the respective distributions for, if you have differing usages. Unfortunately I can't seem to allow multiple option selection, so I guess the one that's more BYOND desktop relevant may be best.
I don't often use Linux, but I have an Ubuntu distro on my laptop. Mostly because it's easiest to set up for me.

Not a big Linux guy, but I do like fiddling with the development environment.
Yeah, I tend to have quite varying uses. Gentoo is (perhaps bizarrely) my desktop choice. I tend to just appreciate the ability to patch up stuff in my system quite easily, and have it still quite comfortably managed in the package manager.

Server choices tend to be CentOS, as I've never really grok'd Debian's way of handling things, there always seems to be some part or other that encourages deviation from LSB.
When I started using Linux I went with D-amn Small Linux and Puppy Linux due to hardware reasons. I later went toward switching back and forth from Ubuntu and Debian. The work I was working at uses OpenSUSE and it was pretty bad for what they wanted to do.
Right now, I'd have so say I prefer Ubuntu.
I used to use Ubuntu most frequently for its server distribution until I discovered Arch. Arch is incredibly lightweight in that you don't need a 'server distribution' as you have to install the desktop manager yourself even if you want one. Between that and the obscurity/length of the installation process it seemed like an awesome choice.
Arch for win. Perfect blend of stuff-just-works and we-don't-do-much-for-you; they're in the process of switching over to systemd as well, which is nice.