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I am not able to join the game Cardfight capital.
I have played today as a guest, then i registered and played again. Then I went eating and when I wanted to play again it opened the bleu screen and it said:"connecting". But then it dissapeared and nothing hapenned. Does someone know how to repair this?

I have a windows 7 laptop.
Personally, when this issue occurs for me I usually just try and rejoin at least twice seeing how it usually works the second or third attempt. However, in the event it fails after that; I recommend simply clearing your cache and then try and join again. If neither is working, feel free to assume there is something wrong with the server itself.

To clear your Cache, access files on the top of the Byond Pager, then click preferences, head over to the Games tab, then click Clear Cache, and hit "OK".
Thanks for your answer. I tried everything what you said, but it didn't work. I should now assume that there is something wrong with the server? If so what should i do?
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It seems I'm incapable of joining the game myself, so Its potentially correct to declare it a server issue. The only thing you can do really is wait it out, I'm certain this issue will be taken care of soon enough.
ok thanks for everything