Keywords: design, game, mud, myth, update
I haven't been active with BYOND in a while thanks to job obligations and a new girlfriend. However, a friend of mine was recently asking about MYTH and my MUD work, which prompted me to look back into it. I decided the wound system was too complicated, and have shifted the combat system over to an HP model that players are more likely to understand. Health is tentatively fixed at 100 (Resilience will increase rate of recovery, not raw health). In line with this, attributes have been revamped to work on a more intuitive 1-100 scale. This meshes well with the skill based approach I am taking. I also cleaned up some issues with output problems and prompt issues. Finally, a training area, designed to help new players get familiar with the MUD, is nearing completion.
wow you been on byond for quiet some time!
Good to see you returning to this, Murph (and glad life is treating you well.)