Like Ken and FoL, I am going to start posting weekly progress reports on how the progress is going on Dirge of Chaos. For those that don't want to know (as they want to have a surprise when they first login), click the X on your browser now.

OK, so this week I have been working on getting a working, fully functional login system created. I have been messing on with it during this week changing and tweaking parts of it, and I think I have a layout that I like (Click Me).

As for the graphics, I will be working on making it look nicer, as you see at the minute it's plain, grey and boring. This also applys to the main window of the game. Although I like the shadows, it could be and will be better looking. More on the graphics side of the interface next week.

As for training, there is currently 3 ways to train in the game at the minute, all of which need changing around. First off you have the ability to do push ups. At the minute they work fine, with only one problem. It's a "press and go AFK" training method. After you start, you just sit there and wait for your fatigue to reach 100%, which is quite boring. This is the same with another training method, Sit ups. Feel free to join the forum for dirge and post me some ideas on how to make them more fun to do.

Also, we have a new base icon. The staff thought the old base was too large, so it was shortened and I think it turned out good (Jonaz done this, made this. I wont betaking credit for his work lol). Click Me.

More to come next week. :D
Yummeh updates.
I have a proposition for the training system.When someone starts doing push ups arrows appear,pressing the down arrow will lower the player,and pressing up arrow will raise them.Just like doing pushups.Same goes for sit ups.
Pictures don't work, so nay.
2 Random Nayers.Yay!Or should i say,Nay.
Yash 69 wrote:
Pictures don't work, so nay.