by Jittai
A survival game that takes place in an archipelago with other people in the struggle to live.
I'm back like the title says. Please report any bugs/suggestions/complaints to their appropriate forum.

Sorry I've been busy and such. Even now fixing errors is the top priority; new features is a more of when ever I feel like thing unless they are cosmetic.

I've updated stranded today with very minor fixes.
1. The map box in the map-generation window was not working right.
2. Fixed the "update link" thing so it only shows up when there's an actual update. The link won't work however, you must visit the HUB.

On a side note of reading these forums, please do not believe anyone other than myself who discusses updates/codes as if they have any say in it. One example of this is: "Michaelmikey" who appears to be trying to claim he has any stake in the game. On top of that there is no "Official" host. If there was their server would reflect that in it's title.

Enjoy the game.