I am wondering how game updates forum is supposed to work. I know your game / updates are not to appear there until your game is ready for review. But there are many games that show up there that are "currently unavailable" and have been unavailable forever. Yet, when they post updates it appears in the game updates forum.

It is obvious that it is important to generate a crowd for a game, and one way to do that is with blogs and posts about its progress...

So even if my game is currently unavailable like the others, am I able to put it up for review so that I am included in Game Updates and I can start generating a crowd?
When submitting a new hub, you have two options. Simply marking the game to be visible automatically sets it as Incomplete, and it's supplied the reason "Not ready for review". However if you check that it's ready for review, it's placed in Game Updates as Pending.

Recently, games marked as incomplete are now hidden from the Game Updates forum as there were a large number of incomplete and entirely unavailable games piling up and cluttering the list.

You're free to select whatever options you want under the submission panel, but if you submit your game as ready to be reviewed and I can't evaluate it due to the lack of hosting files or a server then I'll probably cry myself to sleep. :(

As an aside, could you link to the "unavailable forever" games? Every once in a while I'll go through and remove games that are no longer playable and haven't had any activity in over six months.
Well, that's not really fair to me or anyone else because I don't want to make you cry, but there are many many other people doing exactly what I want to do.
I'll make a note to prod those folks with unplayable games to see what's up.