Sunday The 19th

by Pandora Productions
Sunday The 19th
Murder has never been this much fun. Help your friends, or sacrifice them for gain.

Sunday the 19thWelcome to Sunday the 19th! Byond's biggest and best action horror game! At the moment the game is still in early beta development, however it is already packed full of content and modes! Sunday the 19th is a game for the players, it's all about inviting your friends and chopping them to bits! (Real psychos need not apply, it's only a game.)

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Game modes:

Killer: Run and hide or stand and fight? Can you survive against hit movie killers such as Freddy or Jason? If you're lucky you might get the chance to unleash your nightmarish abilities and become a killer yourself.

Predator: An honorable alien has came to earth to hunt the best sport on the planet, man. Team up with your buddies to take down this powerful foe.

Saw: Highly based on the sadistic Saw movies. Survive against a randomly generated order of killer saw rooms. Will you convince your buddies to team up and complete the challenge ahead? Or push them into that buzzsaw and use their body to complete the challenge?

Deathmatch: Straight up free for all deathmatch mode. Invite your friends and kill them. There can only be one winner.

Gladiator: Enter the bloodthirsty arena armed with a random selection of items from the lowly piece of cloth to the mighty Predator shuriken. Fight for the glory of the win in the mighty Gladiator arena.

The Dark Knight: Become one of Gotham cities criminally insane and run around Arkham Asylum looking for Mr.Bats to end him once and for all. Or if you are lucky become the Dark Knight yourself and take down Gothams most wanted, one crazy at a time.
This mode has been removed until further notice. It may be re-added at a later date

Game Features:
Sunday the 19th 100% Original. Every piece of code and every pixel were hand crafted by Eviler, Gale Katashira (formerly known as Eternal Destruction) and Xuiryus
Sunday the 19th Full body dismemberment. If you lose an arm it counts. Better not lose your head though.
Sunday the 19th 5 different game modes! And more to come.
Sunday the 19th Combo items! Combine 2 items to make a better one! Like the Fury of England or the Corrupt Patriot.
Sunday the 19th Superhero items! Fight using Wolverine's Claw and Captain America's shield! (+ More!)
Sunday the 19th Voice acting! (Saw mode)
Sunday the 19th Random item spawning! No games are the same.
Sunday the 19th Item Sets: Feel like playing a round with firearms or explosives? The choice is yours.
Sunday the 19th Constant updates! New items/modes/players/maps.
Sunday the 19th Mature and friendly Developers.
Sunday the 19th Unlockable hats and masks.
Sunday the 19th Challenging and fun achievements (Medals).

Sunday the 19th staff members:
  • Eviler (Lead Coder)
  • Xuiryus (Lead Artist)
  • Gale Katashira (formerly known as Eternal Destruction) (Additional Artist)
  • Lucaboii (Moderator)

If you are unsure if someone is a member of staff or not check this list.

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out of 5 i give this game an 11
I give this game top ranking on byond 10 out of 10
awesome game but i think you should consider giving freddy ability to mess with peoples minds tho like make them see something else other than whats around them like change there view to someone else or something
i know it would be hard to make but it will be very creepy ._.
Very pretty hub.
Speaking of the hub, I wouldn't go as far as to post "100% Original. Every piece of code and every pixel were hand crafted by Eviler and Xuiryus" since the Player Icons are Dragonball Z : LOG edits/rips.
Maximus_Alex2003 wrote:
Speaking of the hub, I wouldn't go as far as to post "100% Original. Every piece of code and every pixel were hand crafted by Eviler and Xuiryus" since the Player Icons are Dragonball Z : LOG edits/rips.

Mind you the icons are from a base I made (together with Earth_Kai), based on LOG. All the other players icons were made from the base. They are certainly not simple edits/rips

This game is 100% Original unlike most other games, and i liked the game alot, so im adding it to my fav at the top of my list.
An amazing, fast paced round game.
awsome game
i give it an 0,
Not even instructions how to play ,
Scorpion Productions wrote:
i give it an 0,
Not even instructions how to play ,

Yeah there is...and its not hard to learn to play without it. And why would u hate a game just because it doesn't give you instructions.
LOOOOOOOOOOOL, I just ranked up 1# in My list, you fucked up Mitadake High in my list, Congratulation, I Love Sunday The 19th *------------*

I Started to play today !!
LMAO this game is the best its funny you see other players die what eles can you ask for?????
your One Piece game doesnt have instruction either
You must have us mistaken with another developer. Sunday the 19th is our only current project.

Also I take it by the use of the word "either" you are saying S19 doesn't have instructions. There's a button on the top left of the screen after joining the game that say's help, this button will give you all the information you need to know to play the game.
Excellent game, very fun and fast paced. Random item drops makes every match interesting, and there's a lot of variety in the game modes that make it a fresh experience.

The only downside is the seemingly awful community, between griefing and just general dickery in OOC it's almost painful to play just to read the chat. I think some moderated servers or punishment for griefing would help this game immensely, as its only drawback seems to be playerbase.
Thank you for the kind words. I agree the community is the thorn in the side of our game and I can assure you it's something we are pushing to improve.
Great Game i have had a lot of experience being one of your first EVER testers of this game, It has really improved a fair deal, more game modes, new maps and very kind staff, I want to see this game improve more, of course the Constant abuse made by regular players has become a very "Large" eyesore with all their trolling etc etc.
Being The 1# Fan of Sunday the 19Th I Really love all the staff (Ed, Soul, Eviler) That have made this game into a large success.
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