So I just witnessed something very sad...

The Orange Glo commercial came on (you know, the one that goes "This sander simulates years of wear and tear on your hardwood floors... blah blah") and it was almost the same commercial I've seen hundreds of times... It shows someone running a sander over a wood floor, scraping it all up, then squirting Orange Glo on it, mopping it around, and the floor looked good as new, while the announcer goes on to talk about how Orange Glo "cleans, shines, and even protects from damage!" Etc.

Well, up until today, that announcer has been Billy Mays... Today, though? It's the same commercial, but all traces of Mr. Mays have been removed...

There's now a female voiceover, saying the exact same lines as Billy's version, and all shots that used to show him have been edited out...

The guy dies, and the Orange Glo people decided to erase him from memory? Completely trash his legacy?


It's probably some sort of way to get out of paying royalties to his estate or something...
Send some well written emails.
Having Billy Mays in the commercial would boost the ratings more than anything else you could put in there.

Seems like a really stupid decision marketing wise.
i actually dreamed about billy mays last night. he saved me from something i think, but all i can remember is that he was really nice and polite

<3 billy
That really IS sad.
I noticed the exact same thing with the Oxi-clean commercials, and immediately noted it to my wife (I've been a Billy Mays fan since before pitchmen). What's interesting, is that they had intended to continue running commercials with him in it (though that article is specifically about the Jupiter Jack, I'd think if they would do it for one they'd do it for all).

For what it's worth, you can contact them.
His family didn't want him in any more commercials for some reason, or so I heard.
The Sham-Wow guy is poised to replace him.

Just saw him do some kind of Slap-Cutting cooking tool commercial; sent chills down my spine.

May his beard forever rest in peace.
SuperAntx wrote:

"You're gonna love my nuts"
SuperAntx wrote:

yeah i posted that video lolz
I, for one, would buy ANYTHING endorsed by a zombie.

Probably anything by a ghost, too.
DarkCampainger wrote:
"You're gonna love my nuts"

The hooker clearly didn't love his nuts since she felt poised to break the mans jaw. Billy Mays will always Own Vince the Pince.