Fresh on the coat tails of BYOND converting to use FMOD 3 for sound, the folks at Firelight Technologies released FMOD Ex. Now BYOND has FMOD Ex and the sound interface is more powerful than ever. We'll give you all the details when it is released, but here are some of the juicy tidbits:
  • Music formats, even midis, are no longer distinguished from other sound types. You can do anything to a song that you could do to any other sound, including place it in a 3D soundspace complete with environmental reverb! (Sadly, reverse playback won't work for sequenced music formats, but everything else is fair game.)
  • 26 predefined reverb environments for 3D sounds with more detailed control over the reverb settings for each sound channel.
  • Control over volume, pan, frequency, mute status, and paused status.
  • Update sound settings while they are playing, for specific channels or all channels at once.
This sounds great. Get it... "sounds"! Woooo... that was good... o.o
Sounds great, now only if Audacity did more than WAV and MP3 files... lol
You are my hero! :o
The Naked Ninja, Audacity does Ogg Vorbis too.
Sounds nice!

Hey, 2 back-to-back posts in BYOND Labs....4.0 is closer, maybe? =D
Add chorus, distortion, flanger, tremelo, and all those other hi-tech things... >-> you'll love to see what I'll do with those.
Guitar online here we come...or not...
If you don't add it I'm going to take it you don't love me, thus leading to emo-ness, leading to suicide, leading to lawsuit, and you don't want that to happen...
Seriously, add them though.
Karrigo, get Brett at Firelight to add them to FMOD Ex, and I'll do what I can to add them to BYOND. ;)
_< Cool people like that don't listen to me... Ignorant mother ****ers...
I'm still waiting for access to data that could be used to determine mm:ss length of a sound file (or a sound var containing the duration in ticks); is that something that could be done BYOND-side or do the FMOD developers have to do that?
Sound duration is available through FMOD, but it isn't part of the BYOND sound datum yet. This release will give us lots of options for playback, but reporting data about the sound will take more extensive changes that aren't planned for the immediate future.
So yeah, if MIDI effects are available in MIDIs such as cutoff filter, reverb, Apeggios, etc., would these have to be implemented into the MIDI itself? I'm not familiar with FMOD and sound engines but, would there be a necessity for a SysEx Reset effect? I know MIDIs can't do all that in GM.

So would it be like Yamaha XG MIDI SoftSynth? Which supports all that stuff already, or would it have a more extended experience?
The MIDI support likely isn't that different. However FMOD supports Mod files, which are far better.
I don't know much about the MIDI format and effects, so you'll have to examine the FMOD Ex documentation or experiment with it for yourself.

I'm not certain this applies, but I found it in the FMOD Ex notes on MIDI playback:
"Patch sets / DLS banks have to currently be provided with the song, or FMOD Ex will take advantage of any found in the operating system. "