Keywords: falsefaced, weapons

First of all, I started writing a novel during the school year[which got to 32 pages until I was stuck at a church scene]. It got well..... Out of hand, to fantasy like. I wanted real time possibilities and all of that..

So about six hours ago I decided to start writing something.... different from my usuals. The new story undergoing is set in the years 1908-1930 about a sadistic crime boss.

Saddly, my knowledge on weapons doesn't extend too far as from a Colt Single Action Army, SVD, P-90, Mk22, Uzi 9mm, Mac 10, and all that. Can anyone donate to me a list of weapons utilized within America that would offer some impact within the story, hopefully something based into more mobs.

PS: I'll be posting the prologue in some time to see if you "BYONDers" think my literature is of good mind.
I wished i could Help, But sadly I don't Remember the Weapons i play in games. Most of the weapons you wrote are from Metal Gear. xD
I know right :D?
Er... Well , there's A list I could give you.. I will actually.

1. My dick ( very powerful)

2. My girl freind's arm (Ripped off and that could beat someone till they hurt pretty bad , so it's non-lethal)

3. ... Well that's all i got..

(i'm jkkjkjkkkjkkjkjjking)