Is anyone really interested in playing the DS online? I've bought the WiFi connector but the net play doesn't seem like it was integrated very well. Hopefully the newer games won't feel like this.

Animal Crossing you play only with friends, and Mario Kart you play with random people online - or friends. It seems kind of bland to me.
I play Ds onlline what games do you have JAmes?
This was Blancer from clan.
Animal Crossing and Mario Kart.
Mario Kart Only,Wth is Animal Crossing
PLay me at Mario Kart
i have animal Crossing, Its ok, but you are right, more of a freind game
I've only played Mario Kart DS online so I'll lend my opinion of it:

DS net play is handled terrible for gamers, brilliantly for little 9 year old kids.
There's no lobby chat room, no pager and no way to make a game and wait for people you want to play with- there's also no way to get tricked into meeting a 'friend' you met in the lobby and getting abducted by a 50 year old paedophile.

So yeah, it's terrible but Nintendo isn't going to get any bad publicity from it.