"Although Magmar, Scyther and Electabuzz are my favorite, I would suggest finishing simple pokemon first such as Bellsprout Line or Poliwag Line." -Zack101

Thanks for the info, your right, should focus on the simpler ones for now. I'm almost done with Poliwag line.

"I think none, because chances are you're copying and pasting all the attacks for each Pokemon." - Jeff8500

Your gonna have to define what you mean here..If you mean that each pokemon uses the same set of verbs for each attack, then yes you are correct. If you mean I am copy and pasting the attacks from the games..well the attacks in the game are battlescreene(other than Mystery Dungeon, but if you actually gave the game a chance, you'd see the attacks are not the same.)

"Played the game, got harassed by a Weedle, was basically following me around." - Obby

I laughed at this, but I'm sorry to hear that. It really adds the edge of "Run Away" to the game I think. I'll have to add in some way of losing a pokemon (PokeDoll, Berries, Repel?)

"it's going to fail. -Itrollingyou

See when you comment on something, you say good or bad things. You have chosen bad. Then what follows is an explanation of why it is bad or good. I'm sorry, but your comment was rejected for not listing a valid reason. (Try and include this next time, so I don't "fail")

"It's bad program design, you can't see that in screenshots. Either way, I never heard of this guy, 95% chance the game is crap." - Jeff8500

I'm hopin' on that 5% then. Same reason as the quote from above, you didn't explain WHY the program design was bad, you just kinda stated it was. Also, you've never heard of me! (*gasp*) You really think that determines if a game is good or not XD! Give people a chance before denying them.

"But the game is alright, what I see from the screen's it looks as though it's coming along nicely. Hope the owner keeps it up! - DYS

Thanks again to (hopefully) another fan, and yes I will keep it up, but I am going to go to a place called "Cedar Point" the next little bit so the production is on hold.

And with that, I leave my "Comments on Comments" to an end. If you need to contact me, again my email is Rule#2! Do not ask for things over MSN please..its a royal pain.

Have a good week :)
Hey ive heard of Cedar Point. I don't know where from... i just do.
Because a lot of pokemon games on BYOND do fail, which is why I said it's going to fail, because most likely its going to fail.
Ignore the fail troll. Obviously doesn't believe in stealth. :(

I looked at some of the screenshots, it looks like most other pokemon games I had played. It looked okay. But then again, I liked the second screenshot with the ragin' pikachu.
Believe in stealth? lol And I suppose that makes sense Itrollingyou...Total sense...Ya lets go with what you said..I fail :)
The game actually really looks good.

I don't know why people think it'll be horrible when they haven't even played it, or think it fails. The screenshots look legitimate and there's only two Pokemon games on BYOND that really execute pokemon moves like those, and that's PWO and Pokemon Regions(which most people haven't heard about.)

I haven't played it but I'd like to at least check it out. It's like automatically assuming it's a rip or bad through pure screenshots.
Have fun at Cedar Point! I hope you like roller coasters!

Man, I really need to go soon...