Opening Statements
Well, since I'm back I don't want the "hype" of my games to go down. So of course I need a new team to work along with me.

About Myself
Well you could call me a BYOND Veteran, I've been at BYOND for over 5 Years with different keys. I'm not going to lie I haven't created a completely original game yet but that's one of my goals to achieve on BYOND.

What I do
I contribute just as much work you do so don't worry. I do Pixel Art and Programming for the game.

What Are We Searching For
Pixel Artist- You must be active on BYOND and contribute work to the game. You must be able to do Mobs, Turfs, Etc. You also must be able to take critism throughout the team and all of BYOND. Must provide examples!!!

Programmers-Not much to say here but you must be an experienced Programmer and able to show snipits (Of Different Things) with your applacation.

I will not provide money, and please don't ask for any. However I will pay for the game as in Forums (if Needed) and Websites (if Needed). Well, all we can offer is a nice bold spot in the credits.

The Games
Castlemania Warlords
A RPG game set in Medival Times. You are born in the middle of a big war between Classes and you have to end it.

A Tactical shooter where monsters are taking over the world and you have to keep the world in peace.

If you do want the job message me @ first then if I do think your serious then i'll add you on my Hotmail and IM you.

Also provide your email.

Liez, mah work is always mine =]

Edit: welcome back =]
Oh, I just noticed, you might want to remove that dbz game from your original games list rofl
My brother plays games frequently on my profile, that's why it's up there. I'll delete it A.S.A.P.