Backyard Battle

by GauHelldragon
Backyard Battle
Multiplayer Ant Simulation
Based heavily off of the Maxis game Simant, Backyard Battle is a simulation/game for colonies of ants. Up to 8 teams can dig underground, build a nest, and raise ants. Raise worker ants to tend to the queen and search for food. Raise Soldiers to defend and attack ants and other roaming insects for food.

Much of the gameplay is complete, however I haven't decided exactly how I want the actual games to work.. in terms of goals and what not. Right now it is mostly a sandbox sort of deal.
nice simulator i love it i just wished you continue it
Ah, Unzip Failed.
Hmm I could keep working on it I suppose. What sort of things would you guys like to see in this game?
Here is the link to the hostfiles :