by Falacy
Converts a standard RPG Maker Charaset to a BYOND .dmi Icon.
IconImport; A more flexible version of this utility has been released and can be found here.

This small BYOND project (rpg2dmi) will convert a standard RPG Maker charaset (a sprite sheet like this one) into a fully animated .dmi.
A multitude of sprite sheets can be found at Charas

How to
Step 1: Download and Run.
Step 2: Click the "Convert Sprite Sheet" verb.
Step 3: Select the charaset you want in dmi format.

Some things to note:
-Converted icons are automatically saved in the "Converted" folder, which will be in the project's folder.

-The bottom left pixel of the sprite sheet (1,1) will be used to determine the transparent color.

-For some reason the bg color on the icons is set to black.
-This can be changed if you edit them, by double clicking on the BG color in the color palette. However, this has no real effect on the icon in-game, the BG will still show as transparent.

Feel free to post comments/suggestions/feature requests, and let me know if you find any bugs.
Falacy ur a genius for this
This is an amazing tool. I use it often when I need a charas sheet quickly sprited. It's very accurate and very flexible too. Good work on this one, Falacy!
how you put a icon on a map
Excellent Idea and works really well, Nicely done.
Omg, Falacy. You are awesome! Thanks a lot bud. You dont know how much I like this.
If you ever need a help on any iconning, let me know. (yeah, I icon)
Absolutely Genius!
I had some trouble using this but eh.
What kind of trouble?
is it possible to make it so that the program can take bigger sprite sheets?
I have a new system that can create icons from sprite sheets of any width/height. However, it creates frames in the width/height provided, instead of the 32x32 frames that BYOND usually uses. This requires one of the newer map formats/pixel bounds for best results in-games.
that's kool. Thanks,.