BYOND Version:440
Operating System:Linux
Web Browser:Firefox 3.5.1
Status: Resolved (448)

This issue has been resolved.
Descriptive Problem Summary:

#1: fresh install of actually installs 440.1018 according to ./DreamDaemon -version
#2: actively hosted game is not appearing on BYOND hub/pager

Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:
I shutdown the server and rebooted my cable modem (unplugged for several minutes)
plugged in the modem and a few minutes later turned on the computer
began hosting FFO successfully
Feel free to join to see for yourself that the game is up.
The hub reports that the game is not currently being hosted.

Expected Results:
game should appear on hub ( pager and )

Actual Results:
losing playerbase because they think the game is no longer hosted

Does the problem occur:
Every time? Or how often? every time since about 2 months ago
In other games?, In other user accounts?, On other computers? bug reports from others lead me to believe they are experiencing the same problem

no known workarounds
I was not able to reproduce either problem. Downloading the linux installation correctly installed 447, and when I hosted ("Tom.test") it showed up on the hub. Since it is showing 440 I am inclined to think that it is running a preexisting install on your machine rather than the new download.

Have you done a thorough search for BYOND to see if you have multiple installs and/or checked to see that you are pointing to the latest? If your LD_LIBRARY_PATH is configured to point to a public bin/ dir with the older, you'll effectively load the older BYOND even if you are using the local DreamDaemon.

I don't know if using 447 will fix the other issue but one thing at a time...
replacing (installed from scratch once more) fixed the version problem
game is hosted once again at
game is not reported via pager or
At server startup, we try to ping the server from a test address (which is just the hub). If it fails, the game is marked invisible (not broadcast to hub or pager) since presumably it is not reachable by players. This prevents a bunch of "dead" entries.

It appears that your game is failing the connection test, which is odd, since we can ping the listed ip:port. Are you possibly booting it from a script that keeps that port closed until just after launch? That would indicate a timing issue. We're planning on resolving that sort of thing by doing continuous pings, but I am not 100% that's what's happening here.

Another possibility (actually a more likely one) is that, at the time of hosting, your game was unable to reach You can confirm by doing a "ping" before you start.

Also, make sure you haven't overriden the default hub-address in your .byond/cfg/byond.txt.
rebooted computer to start fresh
ping is successful (0%
packet loss)
same result for sudo ping

.byond/cfg/byond.txt only includes the line:
hub_mtime 1249398121

booted FFO as su using script including the following relevant lines:
source /home/XXX/byond/bin/byondsetup
exec nohup DreamDaemon FFO/FFO.dmb 2442 -public &

FFO booted successfully but not listed on pager/hub.

I didn't include the whole script because most of it involves backing up files on reboots and checking to see if the server is still up.
I've been using the same script for
about a year without any problems, but if you want me to post the whole thing, let me know.
Is there anything you'd like for me to change or try differently?
So your machine is always reachable on that port? It's important that this is the case at startup when the hub does its connection test.

If that's the case, we're just going to have to schedule a test session with you so we can see why the hub isn't finding your machine. Give us a convenient time and we can find something that works.
The machine is always reachable on that port.
It's been forwarded through a router for about 8 months, including back when it showed up on the hub properly.

I'm currently on a university computer (without BYOND) waiting on a microscope. If you have AIM and you don't need me to reboot the modem/router, I can use AIM express to talk with you (sn: Gakumerasara) and control the server via SSH.

If you'd prefer communicating via BYOND pager, any time after 7:00 p.m. EST would be fine.

Let me know which you prefer.
Ok, we have a possible fix for you, so ping me on AIM when you are available.
I was unable to reproduce the problem following our testing session, and 448.1029 works as intended in this regard. Thanks!
Good deal.

FYI, I forgot to bump the subversion so the 448.1029 on your machine is actually older than the 448.1029 on the main download page, so if you want the latest & greatest you should grab that.