by Yut Put
Explore epic dungeons and slay epic foes with your friends in a huge, epic fantasy action RPG world.
I love getting things done. This version has been in the works for much longer than it should have been because Blazekid is a lazy f*zk who doesn't like mapping dungeons. And I'm two times as lazy and ended up having to do EVERYTHING for this update. So yeah, it's all super high quality and just what you'd expect as the game nears its climactic end.
pic of the day:

First stationary boss!

video demonstration:

-3rd and 4th clockwerk dungeons and their respective gear pieces and abilities
-clockwerk boss
-8 new craftable items(one of them is an orb ;D)
-spine of the universe and its music
-respec npc that resets all of your passives for 1k gold
-a new set of around 8 orbs(that many new classes, tier 2), mapped
-Elemental Idols. These are special items that have their own slot. You may only equip one at a time. By pressing the G key while you have an idol equipped, you enter "Epic mode" and you gain various different -awesome- passive abilities for ten seconds depending on the idol you're equipping. This requires that you have full MP and less than half HP, and has a 2 minute cooldown. It also takes up all your MP and half of your remaining health. There are four idols in the game presently. You gain idols in the four huzza dungeons.

(this is the wind epic form. the underlays for epic forms are the only instances where i use/will use GFX in the game to highlight their uniqueness and awesomeness)
melee attacks have max reach and are all spins,
all damage halved,
speed max is 3,
pulse every second,
mp regenerates 5x faster,
spell damage doubled,
spell projectiles triple fire,
staffs instantly recharge after casting a spell,
+3 speed,
all your attacks become criticals,
swing speed doubled,
all arrows triple fire,
you drain all of the damage you do as mp,
spells take up half mp,
stuns are +5,
projectile damage taken halfed,
-third clockwerk dungeon
-join game/host game commands on menu bar
headsman armor
headsman axe
darkfate leather
darkfate dagger
darkfate cloak
fate staff
fate wave
fate trap
fate spell
-portals(2, carry them on your head to position, can warp between them, works with things like projectiles)
-timed boxes(once powered start a count-down)
-targets(shoot to power them)
-half-walls(buggy atm, but only allow projectiles through)
-power links/new event circuit system(much more
additions:effect than the old one using power boxes :D)
-portal-themed side dungeon(HELL YEAH. tested this one a couple times, it's quite the puzzler and can take a while lol. very refreshing after some hard-core boss slaying, the whole level is enemy clean)

-"cake armor"
-"wormhole science handheld portal device"
-"still alive" karaoke theme :D
-weighted rocks, with matching weight buttons(only the rocks can hold the buttons down)
-levers, deactivate over time, activated with E
-first clockwerk dungeon:
mage cloack
cog armor
steam blade
cog shield
gear gear
arachnid hide
spider fang
steam bow
time staff

darkness spell
time wave spell

this guy:

-must be a fan of the game to play side dungeons
-call to the past is less raeggg
-a crapload of new engine stuff due to all the passives i added
-some lag related stuff
-doors close after three seconds if a player isn't in them :D
-added an easier way for me to program in maptext captions
-added a message that is sent to the user if they try to take an item when their inventory is full

-summons throwing you on walls
-ai walking on each other
-arrows hitting friendlies
-timeshatter bugs
-stealing boxes/whatever off of another player's head
-some more lag related stuff
-max party length set to 4
-duplicate party finish messages(not a real problem)
-tier 2 enchantments have appropriate names
-enchanting an illegible object with a crystal won't change its suffix any more
-fixed a minor issue with levers
not high quality until fixed :ccccc btw nice job on the lag reduction
Like the icons and the colors.
How much gear is in so far?
This game just got real.
there are exactly 568 items in the game currently.
174 enemies
101 abilities
49 dungeons
28 quests
0.801 now has a patch which solves mobs disappearing :D
0.802 solves another couple issues

these bugs are mostly caused by the big internal changes from the lag fixing and switching over into the most recent version of forum_account's pixel movement lib
0.803 solves a list of issues provided by chris_110872
0.804 solves more bugs that chris provided along with a bug with respec and some experimental color changes for the interface, along with a completely new and nice input system