Whatcha think?

Master List:

Strike It Up
The Wind's Dance
A Pirate's Lament
Time for Adventure

The Day's Moods

Flute: No. 1
Flute: No. 2

More to come. If you like my work I'd be happy to create something for your game.

Feel free to critique(not abuse).
I would give some feedback, but none of them play when downloaded from the direct link, and apparently I can't download them from the site.
It's not a permissions issue.

Are you using "Save Link As"?
Are you trying to play them in WMP?

I've tested clicking the links on 3 different computers. What happened was that I opened a new tab which had quicktime play the midi. I've clicked save link as while logged into the site and logged off. I've used FF and IE. No errors.
Good stuff! Definitely keep it up.
Ah, I had disabled quicktime for my browser due to certain ads causing crashes.

They're decent, but I'm not very well versed in music theory, so I can't offer much advice here.

They sounded a bit boring, have you tried playing with multiple instruments/bass? They really need at least a simple beat, and probably something besides the synth sound(I'm assuming that's what you used, it's been ages since I played with midis).
The midi program I uses has "instruments". I just used what was available.

Strike It Up has the "sound" of a trumpet and two tubas. (Technically, the parts are labeled for Trumpet, Euphonium, and Tuba)
The Wind's Dance has the "sound" of a flute.
A Pirate's Lament is just a Euphonium.

I've tried playing with multiple instruments but then I run into a timbre issue that I can't quite handle yet (As you can see from the Strike It Up experiment). I know the basics of counterpoint (contrary motion - avoid parallel fifths and octaves) but I'd need to resolve the harmony issue I'm having (the bass thing you mentioned). I'm working on resolving that in my free time with a piece to be played in castle scenes during games.

I'm also having trouble getting the drum set to work.
Sounds like someone needs some FruityLoops(FL Studio now I believe).

I can kind of hear the different instruments in Strike It Up, but the difference aren't very pronounced, it's almost like 3 of the same instrument to a slightly different key.

Everything else pretty much soared over my head. The most I've really done with composing is screwing around with Mario Paint Composer and a Vocaloid.
I'm just saying, Ableton Live may be a monster of a program to learn, but it's possibly the heaviest weapon in any sound designer's arsenal (Or FL Studio, Reason, and Logic). There's a "free" version available but does require some digging around. I've used Musescore before, and can testify that a professional DAW just makes everything so much easier and better.
Sounds a bit like farting.
But all in all, me likey.
Could you make me a adventure like theme?
This sounds like something that would play when you started adventuring imo.
Time for Adventure
If you don't like it or you were going for a different feel, I'll gladly make another (hopefully you could give me a little more detail as to what the feel would be though! Along with critique as to why this doesn't work.)

EDIT: Just a small note. I made the assumption it would be put on repeat for its duration, so I wrote it to loop back with little consequence (imo anyway).

That will do just fine thanks!

EDIT: Ill be sure to credit you when I use it.
The Day's Moods

The Day's Moods are a set of pieces (unknown total, probably 3-4) that are to describe the weather. So far, the only planned ones are

Clouds Gather

These are probably drafts, I'm pretty happy with how they sound but they're just so dang short.
After a four month hiatus (Electricity and Magenetism is hard enough without stacking in Foundations of Mathematics), I wrote something for my cousin to play at her talent show. I dunno, I liked it.

Flute: No. 1

It also sounds lovely on French Horn or Euphonium.
Flute: No. 2

This one is only for Flute, I'm afraid. As a side note, look forward to the completion of a new game soon.