Hey there, folks. I haven't been around BYOND much in the last half year -- or more, really -- but I'll stop by to blab a bit about what I've been up to. :)

My previous development woes are over. I've got two projects (non-BYOND) moving along steadily, as well as a couple of older projects finished up.

Most of my development news goes up on my dev-journal on GameDev.Net, where you can see what devious plottings and games I've been up to. I go by the alt HopeDagger nowadays; mostly because "Malver" was already taken on GMail and I felt like a change. :P

What gamedev adventures have I been on? Well..

Meteorites - An older project; a Asteroids-èsque game with particles and nifty physics.

Gundown - An arcade shooter where you man somesort of mobile artillery contraption and blast down legions of foes in a plethora of explosions.

Magma Duel - A two-player (online play pending!) sideview battle where you aim to knock your opponent into the magma at the bottom of the screen, or destroy them with the powerups that float around the level.

Star of Shadows - An oldschool console-styled RPG that I'm in the process of writing. New release coming soon(tm). :)

Skirmish Online - Somewhat Bizlof War being brought to life again in a different way. I've put in heaps of work already, and it's moving forward steadily. No public download yet, but you can read up on its progress on my dev-journal.

So yes, I've been up to a fair amount of game development as of late. :P
Hah, three of those projects look uber-awesome. I especially like the look of Skirmish Online. Lemme beta test damnit!

Anyway. You artillery contraption game (I forgot the name all ready >_>) look awesome. *Downloads*

Keep us updated!