I was accepted at the University of Toronto for the Jazz performance program. I'm a trombone player and I've been playing for 7 years now. Since trombone players are so rare in the world of professional music U of T gave me 1000 bucks (Canadian) so that I would come to their school. Then I came home today after I had accepted their offer and it turns out I won this man's scholarship!

Phil Nimmons

I couldn't believe it. He's 82 years old and one of the greatest Jazz composer/player alive. He played with a few of the greats to. He's also sponsored by Yamaha so they take him and his band all around the world and .. he ... gave me ... $1256.17. :D

Anyway it's been my dream to study and play in his band and It's great to know I'm getting closer! Anyways I'd like to thank some people being Malver, and Splattergnome for the inspiration they've given me to write more music and to play harder. Sounds wierd but you guys helped. :D Thanks.
Congratulations! That's great. Clearly you've found something you are passionate about, and other people can see that too.

And since there aren't many people who do what you do, hopefully you'll be a big fish in a small pond!
Wow, I give you a big congratulations for being accepted, and given those nice gifts! I hope you persue your dreams, and you never know - you could be very famous!You never know... ;)

I'll tell you, though - if you make it into the big league and produce some CDs, I'll buy one or a few.

P.S. Scan me your autograph made out to "Zac Harker" =D Just in case you get famous.
Excellent news! Congratulations.
I also play the trombone, third chair in my school band. I don't plna on going pro, in fact I think I'm going to leave the band and do something else next year, yet I've always known that there was money to be made if you actually want to do it. I love the band, and I feel a great sense of pride whenever I hear of a trombone getting an award/scholarship/etc.
Well, be sure to let us know how things turn out!
That's fantasic, Uno! Now you just need to save up for that gold-plated trombone..
Awesome! When you're at Toronto give me a shout, I'll come by and visit you! :-P
Thanks alot guys. :D I'll be sure to update you when I'm an a new CD or playing with someone big.
Update your blog more -- slacker. :P
Hey! I play trombone too! =)

Congratulations, and have fun!
Trombone players are really needed man. There are tons of openings. Even if you play as a hobby you could make a bit of cash.