Hey guys, these last few days of hard work with the new programmer Thomas (Vocal_Nebula) have paid off, the man is a programming robot. He managed to grab every bug, glitch and spank em out of the source in such a short time (I can't say I've seen him sleep much infact).

So guess what! The game will be back up so soon, we estimate this weekend! Yes, we will wipe - but only because we have added alot more content for you to enjoy throughout the storyline, I'm sure you will not run out of things to do so easily, and not to mention the game will be hosted 24/7.

If you guys want to interact with the staff and give us some suggestions or something the forum is always active and checked upon regularly;

Are you guys excited? we sure are!
I have to say, I'm not a Pokemon fan, but I am a fan of this game. I can't wait!
Updates include new redone quest line, items and a loot chart to display gained items and exp after battles, new attacks for every Pokemon, and a complete fix of bugs glitches and lag.

We're redoing alot of game mechanics too, you guys are going to love it.
Interesting. Can't wait to try it out!
This is by far my favourite Pokemon game on Byond, and i really look forward to seeing these updates in action.

Your artwork and the style you made this game was very unique and i absolutely loved it before, so i can't wait for the testing now.

So yeah good luck with the game thank you for working on it again :)
i dont know this game but i heard its good ;)