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Cleared Blog Comments, don't know what i'm gonna use this spot for yet o.o
Me? :3
Digging the CSS.
Yeah I like it too.
Epic Css
Hey, heard you were after something for eternia like a base for medals and I saw you have the whole parchment thing going on so I whipped this up for you. feel free to use it....or not.
Nice, thanks Mecha. I'll find a use for this =D
Cool =) your welcome, any time.
The medals are looking pretty good.
Yeah, I don't like some of the monster ones though, need better ideas for what to put on those.
Yeah I get what you mean. I might bash out a few ideas a little later and show you them.
Pstt i stuck the custom comment blog code in lol <this section>
I see, nice touch =D
Thanks Teka.
Teka, your Genius is showing... Lol, And Chwgt sorry for taking so long, ive had alot to do.
It's all good Jester. I like it the way it is now. Thanks to you guys.
I took off "Add Comment" at the top of the blog comments, kinda useless with this setup.
Good point lol. And I was experimenting when I added the shadows o.o
I see, lol. Could of picked a better color though :/... Red is horrible, no offense.
It's cool lol.
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