Lol everyone making base nowadays so i'd like try something new how's this?

Gimme so uhh. . feedback or constructive criticism.
I like it! You're getting quite good.
Really good .
I think the only major flaw is that he looks like Snooki's child.
i dont like the hands of the north/south state but past that its useable in a game

but honestly if you're not going to make a game with it then there's no reason to be posting these in the first place... you can learn human anatomy and perspective on actual art forums
I'm not going to make a game with it someone else is :3
Looks good.
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Thank Kyuu :D
Can you make me another base for another game
The arms look a bit too small for the size of the chest and mid-section.
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I went tad bit overboard, but I presume you know what I am mean.
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lols... no ..
In response to Skyiden
Lol i guess. . .?
vixi get on messenger
- Skin Tone
Why is everyone using that fleshed out ginger bread man skin tone, you need have variations between your colours, otherwise your shading just blends in.

- Character
Your base lacks it, it has hardly any body definition, as-well as facial definition

- Feet Position
My edit doesn't correctly show whats wrong with your positioning of the feet as it was quick, but you currently have the perspective of someone standing in a side scroller

- Head Position
Again, side scroller perspective, currently you have the perspective of a side scroller, which means the base is currently laying on the floor looking directly at the player, that is if he is in a non-side scroller game.
Bad Pixel Artists giving advice to bad pixel artists.
You amount to nothing compared to me, don't start, I will shame you.
You win.
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