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these games are brilliant games! you should try them out along with bleach las noches and eternity some of the most popular games on BYOND falacy,all star and seireitei productions are brilliant game makers. i am a big fan of dbz and bleach (hitsugaya and gohan) so anyone reading you should try them out. dark apolycalypse: shadows server (normally most played) heroes united:server3 and best killer FGMs server
over the past week i have been playing resident evil online 2 i have found out this game is greater than any other challenge your selve over the t -virus instead of "self training" on drtagonball games and naruto etc this game includes lots of guns <:-) zombie killing etc choose your class as infiltrator,demolitions,arms specialist,medic and engineer and play as your own resident evil chracters or create a custom character the are no main servers so feel free to set up your own. hope you enjoy! (dont be a pussy) <-whoever chooses to be a pussy is a wanker for missing REO2