Pixel Movement

by Forum_account
Pixel Movement
A pixel movement library for isometric and top-down maps.
I have a player with a bounding box of 12x12. Walls are 32x32 and opaque.

When I'm up against a wall, something is treating my location to be part of the wall, and I see through it. The problem is, I'm not in the wall, only near it. If my bounding box was 16x16, the wall would be intersecting it, but it isn't.

I tried this out using native pixel movement and the issue wasn't there. What could be the cause of this glitch?
I'm guessing that BYOND is setting your loc in a way the library isn't expecting. Before BYOND had pixel movement, the library had complete control over determining what your loc is. Since BYOND added pixel movement this part (setting your loc, determining when Entered() is called, etc.) of the library has changed a lot. I think I've finally found something I like and should have an update posted today or tomorrow. I'm pretty sure it'll fix this problem but I'll double check.
I just posted v5.5, which does fix this problem.