I am in the design stages of a game and I think I want to go 64x64 icons. However, some of the iconers on my team are against it, they want to go 32x32.I feel for the amount need our armor system 64x64 is required.

Can you guys give me some pro's and con's to each in hopes that I can do some convincing.
Oooo that's a hard one :\
It's easy you can make it look good no matter how you do it.Fast and simple basically
Little, they are little unless that's how you want your game like .. . also adding more detail is harder ..
It takes more time since you make everything big unless you don't want as much details. It can be made to look VERY good and pretty and stuff ..
Hard annoying, time consuming -.-
-I don't know as much but this is what i'd say for the basic pros and cons. . .
- Familiarity. People are used to 32x32 icons and, depending on the person, will probably like to keep it that way.
- Easy(ier) to make, manage, and scale. Less effort required to design, adding details is easier, but looks less attractive (for a mob).
- Harder to make a mob look realistic.
- Things tend to be rounder.

- Tons of room to work with, pretty much everything can fit into 1 icon.
- Extremely realistic-looking capabilities.
- Being precise is damn hard (assuming you're using DM).
- Your structures, and everything else really, will have to be to scale to the mobs, which is more work all around.
- Takes wayyyy longer.
For player and standing mob icons, I typically create them in a nice proportional 32x48 or 32x64. You can keep quite a bit of detail with the player's characters, but still keep it fairly simple with turfs and other things. Using a 64x64 canvas when a 32x64 will work is just adding more unnecessary headaches to what should be a simple task.