Not a bug
BYOND Version:N/A (Website Bug)
Operating System:Windows XP Home
Web Browser:Firefox 3.5.2
Status: Not a bug

This is not a bug. It may be an incorrect use of syntax or a limitation in the software. For further discussion on the matter, please consult the BYOND forums.
Descriptive Problem Summary:
If you have an active byond window on firefox, then go into your BYOND Game; while having an active pager discussion with one of your friends, new pages are NOT Sent to the Pager, but rather your Home Page on

This means you do not hear that ''page recieved'' sound, and your taskbar icon never flashes because the pager isn't getting any pages.

Instead, the Website is getting them, and its a pain in the ass having to hit F5 on the home window to check your new pages in your discussion while playing a byond game at the same time

Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:
1.) Log into a game on BYOND, and log into the pager
2.) Participate in a conversation on the pager
3.) Go on, log in, and do something like going on the forums
4.) New pages will be sent to website instead of to the pager

Expected Results:
Be notified on the pager when pages are recieved, AT THIS VERY MOMENT i am in a pager discussion that is not being sent to my pager.

Actual Results:
It's sent to website instead

Does the problem occur:
Every time? Or how often? Often when the circumstances are met
In other games? Yes
In other user accounts? Yes
On other computers? Yes

When does the problem NOT occur?
Not sure.

Not sure.

Now, perhaps this only happens when traffic on the site is large. I do not know the inner workings of the pager, but i do know that this is pretty annoying.
I've had this happen to me on occasion, and it can be quite confusing. However, I don't really remember any of the circumstances behind it, so I don't feel right verifying it.

Perhaps the pager temporarily loses its connection to the hub, so it sends the page to the website instead?
It's possible, but i honestly don't know the inner workings of how pages work. So we wait, ;p
This is a known and somewhat difficult-to-avoid side effect of two things (the website and the pager) both vying for incoming messages. The pager normally gets first dibs because the hub checks it more frequently, but you can improve that by making sure you have an open port that the hub can use to contact your pager.

There is a future update in the wings (more design work is needed) that should improve the behavior of the pager at both ends.