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what is up with the blue puch? work on makign a better belt.

and try making there bodies a bit fatter.

1. Ik the belt looked funky but I couldnt fix it well enough and I wanted the body that size....
ehhh my badz 8.5/10
Okay now on the base it self don't be afraid to make the stomach or the body a lil fat its okay. And the feet are WAY to big.Also on the sash or bel or w/e make it into just one thin line don't make it that big. Then on his hair i kno its black but that doesn't mean you can't add things to it give it highlights or w/e you call them to show the sun thingy ma bobber. Here's a Edit i tried to not change it as much because that's just how i is :3
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Looks pretty cool but I hate big looking bases I like them to look slim idk why just me >.< And yea feet are kinda big I should stop imaging Kingdom Hearts lawl. But yea Ill take all the other advice in consideration.
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Ooohh if you want it slim just make them taller Lolz
um dbz chars have muscles maybe u need to add some
he does
Goku doesn't wear tight spandex that show his chest muscles, unless that's what you were trying to pull off..
ehh I just made it how I wanted it maybe i shouldnt have named it goku bt a guy wearing goku overlays
Goku's overlays still aren't as tight as you have them seem to be. They are rather baggy.
Well how could i get that look?
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Not the best example, but take a look at this: goku-ssj2.jpg

If by that look you mean looser, than you simply need to change up the detail to match the expansion of the torso that you recently did. Right now it looks like he has a six pack, and his arms seem a little too stiff/far from his side. They should be more relaxed and you'll want to make all the definition in the clothes be wrinkles in them and/or lighting, no real muscle.

All his muscle definition is outside of his loose clothing, such as the arms and the upper chest/neck. That reminds me, why is it so tight around his neck? If it is suppose to be Goku, or even his overlays, then it needs to show a little chest and/or neck instead of looking like it covers up to or over the neck.

Anyways,hopefully you understand what I mean. The collars just too close to the neck, and the upper body clothing needs different shading/detail. Pretty decent icon overall,though.
Thanks Tod Ill give it a try later on today.
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You're welcome. Also here is a pretty quick, and very rough edit to show some of my points and a couple suggestions. GokuExample.png

It's worth noting that the shading on the top clothing (the gi)could be a heck of a lot better, and the pants could be a bit better too; I just didn't want to change or add any colors so that made it tougher. The boots are iffy, but the chest and arms show what I meant. I added a color to the hair for the hell of it, just to give it a little more depth and realism; cause it was just too solid colored.

Edit: Also the belt was a major change. It seemed too huge before, and the legs were a bit too chubby; so that's why I did those edits.
That looks really good. >.<