I log in, click to join a game, it downloads all the files, and then it just... connects... forever. Game doesn't actually start.
Any help here?
With my old computer i had this problem. It took forever to start a game. The problem might be one of those:

- You were running a program that took a lot of space in your computer
- You don't have a lot of ram (speed)
- You have download a lot of stuff, a lot of windows were open during the process. Sometime it can interfere.
Firewall interfere with BYOND sometime. Make sure it doesn't block you from playing with the BYOND software.

You can try to put some important file in a website or USB and then reboot your computer. You can also go to:

File/Preferences/Games/Clear Cache (Do it when all other BYOND program except the BYOND pager are closed)
You should also make sure that this wasn't repost. This question was already asked by Dark-DVF.
Well lets see, my computer isn't old (it's Windows 7), I have plenty of speed and ram, firewall situation is fine, etc. The cache is cleared.
Hmm, i am sure that the firewall is interfering. Do you have an antivirus that could block the BYOND software?
The basic Windows firewall is set to allow both private and public access to BYOND. I do have an antivirus, it is NOD32, and it isn't interfering to my knowledge.
For what it's worth I have 2.00 GB of RAM with the following stats: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33 GHz 2.33 GHz. My graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT.

I temporarily turned off NOD32 and BYOND is still eternally "connecting" to a game. There's no error, no "connection failed" or anything. At first when I start the program up and try to connect to a server it downloads everything and doesn't even say "connecting," it's just the BYOND logo staring at me forever. When I exit and try to join again it does the "connecting" thing I've already described. It doesn't even crash; I can effortlessly move it around like normal.
The issue your having is now almost certainly caused by a firewall (The other possibility is a corrupted cache, but you have already cleared it). Its very possible that you have another firewall running that you're not aware of.

Some Nvidea graphics card (drivers) may come preinstalled with a firewall, and if there is another firewall installed on another user's account, that could also be conflicting. Check the task managers process list to see what is actively running on your computer.

Its also very important to make sure that you allow all three parts of the BYOND program to have unrestricted access, BYOND.exe, Dreamseeker.exe, and Dreamdaemon.exe.

Good luck!
There's no other user account and as far as I know my Nvidia installation doesn't have a firewall that comes with it.

Both Dreamseeker.exe and Dreamdaemon.exe are in my firewall exceptions. Just to be bold I actually turned off Windows Firewall and, well, nothing.

As I said I can download files just fine, it's just that the game itself doesn't start up. Pager works fine, everything works fine except for actually starting the game.
Which game would this be?