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I made a animal and I want its fur to seem as if it is glass. No, this does not mean I want it to be transparent but it would be cool if it looked like it reflected light(transparency would be taken care of through byond itself). This effect will be used a lot because its my first try doing it and would be very beneficial for anything I do. If you can't help simply provide a few online tutorials, other than that, please refrain from going off topic. Criticism is always welcome! Thanks for your help.

Add shine, and reflection.
I tried redrawing it so I can try the "Glossy/Glass" feel, hoping that I can figure it out and help you. But then again I'm still a noob at pixel art and it ended up looking like this.

it looks like water @n@ sorry i'm no help
Wvw both look so epic
To achieve gloss, follow these rules.

At the highest point of a section (a part that is separated by a line, or by shading to indicate depth) add a stream of light, that reflects across the surface in an abrupt manner, for the really wet and 'candy' gloss. You can let it be less abrupt, if you want a minor gloss. By abrupt, I mean sharp, without a lot of fade.

Make sure to include shading in the lower regions of each section, but don't go heavy with it or it will look like a gradient. Also, generally don't let the shading/shines touch the edge of a section, it simulates that reflection effect.

These are the rules I generally follow when trying to add gloss.